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Replace Restaurant Guest Pagers

Replace Expensive Restaurant Pagers with WaitApp

WaitApp replaces restaurant guest pagers with a revolutionary application that will transform your restaurant’s wait-list management system and save you 80% over the cost of replacement pagers. Capturing the guest’s mobile phone number also gives you dynamic mobile marketing capabilities that will keep your tables filled with customers … all with the simple press of a button. Make expensive restaurant pagers and messy handwritten yellow pads a thing of the past!

With WaitApp’s patented technology, you can establish short AND long-term 2-way text messaging communication with your guests that builds customer loyalty and delivers profits like never before.

  • Save 80% over unsanitary and inconvenient restaurant pager systems
  • Natural 2-way messaging with guests
  • “Opt-in” SMS marketing establishes ongoing relationships with your customers

WaitApp – provides solutions for all size restaurants

From local breakfast spots to national chains with hundreds of franchisees, WaitApp easily fits the needs of every business. It’s simple, intuitive and only takes minutes to learn! With a few keystokes, busy restaurant hosts can quickly add, seat, or remove parties, while also exchanging text messages with guests. Guests are no longer confined to crowded lobbies and are free to shop nearby, visit the mall, or just walk around…

This is not simply “text when your table is ready” messaging —this is an ongoing relationship between you and your customer base. When guests opt in, you can keep in constant communication, not only while they wait for a table, but for days, months, and years afterward. With WaitApp, the scribbled yellow paper you throw away at the end of the night is transformed into an ongoing marketing opportunity, and a customer relationship for life.

How WaitApp works

With a few clicks you can enter a party into the tablet-friendly WaitApp program (or use it with a PC or Mac — it’s up to you). The customer gives you a cell phone number, and gets an instant confirmation text saying, “You’re on the list.” All the information your host or hostess needs is right there on the main screen, coordinated by color— turning yellow as the promise time approaches and turning red for when a party is overdue. Someone not show up? WaitApp automatically sends them a reminder when they’re late, and a cancellation if they don’t check back in and make other arrangements with the host.

Give your customers freedom to shop or walk around while they wait, without fear!

When your guests wait for a table, they aren’t forced to squeeze into crowded lobbies waiting to hear their name called or due to limited pager range. Now they are free to shop, stroll … or check out that night’s food and drink specials, which you can have WaitApp automatically send them. Guests no longer have to worry about taking a restaurant pager out of range — they can roam where they wish, worry-free.

But the biggest advantage of WaitApp is the unique 2-way conversation functionality. Guests can reply to the confirmation to ask questions or modify a party size. When guests receive a text telling them that their table is ready, they can instantly reply back with their status: “We’re late, be there in 5,” “Can we move it to 9PM?”, etc. Guests can also cancel their reservation at any time by simply texting “DROP.”

No codes to learn, easy to use, lasts forever

Your customers DO NOT have to memorize strings of numbers to send you a text! That’s because of WaitApp’s patented “short code” text message technology. Other wait list management applications use cumbersome and less reliable “timing algorithms” that cause your restaurant short code to expire within hours. With WaitApp, your unique short code will never expire for opted-in guests! Not only are your texts delivered instantly and reliably, but customers can always contact you simply by hitting “reply.” And when you text them, they always know it’s you — tonight, tomorrow, six months from now, and for life.

Opt-In customer benefits

A well-trained host or hostess can build your customer database and make your business fly. All you need are opt-ins! Once guests opt in, they can text you the next day, a week later, a month later, even a year later using the same short code (which they have saved in their phone under your restaurant’s name, like any other phone number).

Your guests text you, you text back. They reach you instantly. You reply instantly. You can now have dynamic 2-way conversations with your customers, back and forth, not only while they wait for a table, but for the entire life of your business!

‘Top of Mind Awareness Marketing’ = huge opportunity for restaurant owners

Most people don’t know which restaurant they’re going to go to until 15 minutes before they’re ready to head out. With WaitApp you can optimize your mobile marketing by targeting this crucial window of opportunity:

  • Send out dinner specials at 5pm (or lunch specials at 12pm)
  • Rainy day? Entice customers with drink coupons, or a free appetizer with every entrée.
  • There are no phone calls, voice-mails, or call backs!

Text messaging has an enormous advantage over email marketing. While only 22% of emails are ever opened even then often go unread for hours or even days, people read 90% of text messages within 15 minutes!

WaitApp has thought of everything

In the WaitApp system, earlier reservations automatically merge with the wait list, so the host is always seating parties from one list only — there’s no going back and forth between multiple lists. Everything’s in real time: You can see the number of parties and guests you’ve had, the minutes lapsed from when a party was due, the number of no-shows … all right on the front screen. You can also view the last visit date for a customer … with WaitApp, you instantly know everything!

Where To find WaitApp

Using WaitApp is unbelievably simple — all you need to get started is internet access. Register for WaitApp at and in minutes you can be using text messaging for guest management and building your customer database for long-term growth and profitability.


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