Restaurant Pager

WaitApp by mobully

Don’t Buy Restaurant Pagers Ever Again

Replace restaurant pagers with WaitApp, the new standard for restaurant guest management via SMS text messaging. Inexpensive and easy to use, WaitApp from mobully not only revolutionizes the way that restaurants manage their wait lists and reservation systems, but also provides unprecedented mobile marketing opportunities for your business through its patented 2-way SMS technology. Now you can do away with obsolete restaurant buzzers, and at the same time engage opt-in customers in an ongoing, back-and-forth relationship for the life of your business. WaitApp helps you make your business more efficient, more dynamic, and more profitable.

Discover the Benefits of WaitApp

Restaurant buzzers and the yellow sheet of paper that gets tossed away each night never tell you anything about who your customers are. WaitApp is changing the way restaurants communicate with their guests. It enables them to more effectively target their customers and develop loyalty programs for long term success.

  • Add guests to your wait list in seconds and with

    a single click tell them their table is ready

  • No more crowded lobbies! Guests can shop while they wait, without having to worry about hearing their names called or limited pager signal strength.
  • Limit no-shows! Guests can text you at any time to confirm, modify, or cancel a reservation.
  • Communicate via 2-way SMS with guests days, weeks, and years after they opt-in
  • Save 80% over guest paging systems

Text message marketing is far more effective than emails

Mobile devices are replacing PCs as the primary channel for communication for consumers— and while texting is going up, emails and voice calls are going down. SMS text messaging is now twice as popular for receiving mobile offers than mobile email.

The numbers don’t lie: 88% of adults 45 and younger prefer SMS to voice or email.

WaitApp’s patented natural language two-way SMS platform lets you increase marketing efficiency and retention while drastically decreasing your communications costs.

Not only can your guests make reservations through WaitApp, but you can automatically send them reminders, and they in turn can cancel or reschedule. Your guests order take out or delivery, you confirm the order, and status updates can go back and forth.

WaitApp gives each restaurant its own dedicated short code

WaitApp’s patented mobile messaging technology provides each restaurant with its own dedicated SMS short code. It never expires for opted-in guests!

Other wait list management applications use less reliable common short codes that are not only shared with other restaurants, but come with an expiration date. That means that within hours from receiving a text from your business, your customers will no longer be able to reply back, or use the short code you gave them to contact you.

WaitApp solves all this with a simple, intuitive interface that can be mastered in minutes! Your guests are NOT required to memorize a string of numbers or use keywords in every message. This is guaranteed, real time, natural language 2-way SMS! Your customers can save your short code in their phones under your restaurant name, just as they would with any other phone number.

Individual restaurants can’t afford to maintain or test their own dedicated short codes, which come with a $4000 set up and carrier approval fee, plus a $1000 per month license and hosting fee. And while shared use short codes may function well for one-way alerts, unlike WaitApp they do not offer the functionality to have dynamic, ongoing 2-way conversations with your customers.

Maximize “Top of Mind Awareness” marketing opportunities

Build a database of opt-in customers, and track their histories, preferences, last-time visited, etc. Send personal reminders and targeted marketing messages to take advantage of your customers’ “top of mind awareness” …

  • Text dinner specials at 5PM, when people are deciding where to go eat
  • Entice customers on rainy days with discounts and offers
  • No phone calls, call backs, or voice mails!

Where To Find WaitApp

WaitApp is a simple, intuitive application that can be learned in minutes. Use it on your tablet, PC, or Mac! Register now at and in minutes you can replace restaurant pagers and start to transform your business through the power of two-way SMS technology.


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